"HELP driving school were awesome at setting me up with not only skills and tips for passing my test but also driving solo in the future. Thanks again Steven!"

"Getting my license has probably been the best milestone of my life so far. It's changed so much for the better and I'm so grateful to your and dad.

I found out about HELP through positive recommendations from friends, and I'd seen your cars getting around with the signs. I liked how HELP focused on skills and techniques beyond just those needed to pass the driving test. Driving lessons with HELP were a real, authentic experience of solo driving, and i've learnt things i'll remember for life.

I really liked how supportive, dedicated and passionate you and your dad were, and how lessons always felt like "my time." Probably one of the best things was that between you both, with different teaching styles, things were always taught to me in a way that I understood! And i loved your cute little Yarris.Thanks for your 'HELP' 

See you out on the road!"

"Great driving school that helped me score me the perfect test results-highly recommend the service."

"I only had a few lessons with HELP but John helped me discover a new confidence on the road and in myself as a driver. I also learned a lot of road rules that confused me due to being from a small country town. With these lessons I was able to pass on my first go and become a solo driver."

"I highly recommend HELP driving school for anyone learning to drive. With their driving knowledge and advice I have learnt so much from them and was made to feel very comfortable behind the wheel."

"I was very nervous to start having driving lessons but Steve was very calm and easy to get along with. He teaches you everything you need to know and more. I have learnt some life long driving skills from the help driving school."

"Thought Steve was great and made sure that I learnt everything I needed to know to pass the test. He was encouraging and made me feel comfortable during the lessons."

"My daughter has been having lessons with HELP for the past few weeks. Her driving has improved dramatically and the instructor has really taken the time to make her feel at ease and feel confident in her driving. The care and service they have provided has far exceeded our expectations and I can't recommend these guys highly enough! Thanks so much HELP driving school!"

"At the end of March this year I completed a few driving lessons with Steven prior to my drive test, after accruing the 120 hours. I found HELP's very professional attitude towards teaching very valuable, and the quality of driving lessons was exceptional. 
The driving test was a breeze thanks to all of this.
I have since gone on and purchased a car, and I am very grateful that HELP refined my driving skills for the many years ahead!"

"From a parents perspective we couldn't be more please with Wayne and Steven. They are so attentive and professional in the lessons. Their feedback was both informative and helpful to Anna and us. The results in Anna's test today are a testament to their professionalism and dedication to producing high driving standards. Congratulations and Thank You"

Wonderful lessons with very real world knowledge. Would recommend everytime.